Al Anas take utmost care to protect people, assets and environment (including water resource, animal and plant life). Employees are holding HSE Passports, Initial Fire Response (IFR)   course from leading Safety Institute in Oman

Al Anas Technical and administrative staff are well trained in the safety standards, and in addition to professional performance in pest control and waterproofing. Assigned safety Officers are conducting the Safety Audit in Entire Operation

Moreover, all the chemicals and ingredients used are items approved by the regulations Sultanate Oman and works are executed followed by  MECA regulations
Al Anas  understand that the nature of our work, particularly pest control, uses chemicals and other ingredients that have impact on the health and safety of the people and also on the environment.

Consequently, Al Anas have very high safety standards as stipulated by the Oman legislations and statutes on health, safety and environment which invariably incorporate international safety standards of the highest order. Al Anas established its Health Safety Environmental policy and HEMP

Al Anas provides the safety Induction to all new employee and daily tool box talk (TBT) conducting before stats the job. Employee PPE is mandatory in Al Anas.

Employees are trained for approved practices in storage and waste disposal, Good  housekeeping practices, accident reporting procedures, handling emergencies, etc.


Safety & Quality Induction (Internal)
Tool Box Talk (TBT)
Initial Fire response (IFR)
Health & Safety Awareness Course

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Solution for Water proofing

  Solution for Water proofing 
  Solution for Water proofing 
  Solution for Water proofing 
  Solution for Water proofing 
Health & Safety
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